Information and complete descriptions of the courses can be found at

Training/Certification Course Registration:

Registration for all SSPC Training Courses must be done separately from the SSPC 2018 conference registration.

Anyone who registers for a Training Course offered at SSPC 2018 will receive a $100 discount on Full Conference registration should they wish to attend. Students will also receive complimentary exhibit hall passes with their course registration.

To register, please fill out the 2018 Training Registration Form and email it to James Bartko at: or go to to register online.(Note: when you get to the course page, make sure to choose the corresponding January dates in New Orleans under the–Select Course Location and Date–” drop-down menu.)

Classes run from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with the exception of PCI, which is 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM daily, and PA 2 and Basics of Estimating that run from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

DoD Funding:

DoD/CPO funding is available for SSPC training & certification courses for the following personnel:

  1. DoD
  2. Army
  3. Navy
  4. Air Force
  5. Marine Corps
  6. Coast Guard
  • Funding is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Only the cost of the course and exam are funded under the contract.
  • Other costs, such as labor/travel/per diem, etc., are to be covered by the activity.
  • Contact Jennifer Merck at: or 412-288-6040 to get approval for the DoD Funding.

Available Courses:

The following training and certification courses will be offered in conjunction with SSPC 2018 in New Orleans, LA: (To learn more about the courses below, click on the name and you’ll be redirected to for more information.)

Course Name Begins Ends
Abrasive Blasting Program (C7) 1/19/18 1/20/18
Basics of Estimating Industrial Coatings Projects 1/18/18 1/18/18
Bridge Coatings Inspector Program (BCI) 1/14/18 1/19/18
Bridge Maintenance: Conducting Coating
Assessments (BRIDGE)
1/18/18 1/19/18
Coast Guard Basic Paint Inspector Course
1/13/18 1/17/18
Coating Application Specialist Refresher (CAS REF) 1/14/18 1/14/18
Coating Application Specialist Certification Program (CAS) 1/15/18 1/16/18
Concrete Coating Inspector Program (CCI) 1/13/18 1/18/18
CCI Supplement: Determining the Level of Moisture in Concrete (CCI SUPP) 1/19/18 1/19/18
Developing an Effective Coating Specification (DEV CTG SPEC) 1/16/18 1/18/18
Evaluating Common Coating Contract Clauses (CONTRACT) 1/15/18 1/15/18
Floor Coating Basics (C10) 1/13/18 1/14/18
Fundamentals of Protective Coatings (C1) 1/13/18 1/17/18
Industrial Coating Safety Management Course (SAFETY) 1/14/18 1/16/18
Inspecting Containment (CONTAINMENT) 1/18/18 1/18/18
Inspection Planning and Documentation (INSPEC PLAN) 1/18/18 1/19/18
Lead Paint Removal (C3) 1/13/18 1/16/18
Lead Paint Removal Refresher (C5) 1/17/18 1/17/18
Navigating NAVSEA Standard Item 009-32 (00932) 1/13/18 1/13/18
NAVSEA Basic Paint Inspector (NBPI) 1/14/18 1/18/18
Planning and Specifying Industrial Coatings Projects (C2) 1/14/18 1/18/18
Project Management for the Industrial Painting Contractor (PRO MGMT) 1/16/18 1/17/18
Protective Coatings Inspector Program (PCI) 1/13/18 1/19/18
Protective Coatings Specialist (PCS) Program 1/19/18 1/19/18
Quality Control Supervisor (QCS) 1/18/18 1/19/18
Selection of Coatings (SELECT CTGS) 1/19/18 1/19/18
Spray Application Basics (C12) 1/17/18 1/18/18
Thermal Spray Inspector Training 1/17/18 1/17/18
Thermal Spray Training (THERMAL) 1/16/18 1/16/18
Train-the-Trainer/Trainthepainter (TTP) 1/13/18 1/14/18
Using SSPC PA 2 Effectively (PA 2) 1/19/18 1/19/18